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” Our mission is to completely do the will of God in which he has commanded us to. Its about winning
souls and adding them to his kingdom! Letting people know that there is hope in
the dark world!

Beyond the Walls Tent ministry was birthed inside of a man who was sensitive enough to the
spirit to hear from God. He obeyed the vision and stepped out on faith to put up
a tent in the highways and the hedges and go out and preach the gospel.  The
tent has been a success thus far because God was the head and we have been led by him
the whole way through. Many lives have been saved, devils casted out, bondages
and yokes broken and lives delivered!
My hope in seeing our loved ones come to Christ is based on God’s love
and the fact that I know He loves them more than I do and He has the
power, the wisdom, the methods and the desire to bring them home
again. Because we have that hope, we can never give up trying to reach
out to them. We can never stop trying to minister God’s love to them.
And we can pray, hope and believe that one day they will come home.

Never before have I been so excited and
concerned at the same time. Excited about
the signs of the times and the soon returning
of our Saviour, Jesus Christ… But, concerned
that there are so many people that need to
hear the Gospel and have an opportunity of
salvation… Thank you for helping us reach
them while we can.
In Christ,Evangelist Larry Flowers

This ministry is a non-denominational ministry reaching out to ALL Christian churches exhorting believers to come together for revival.”
Precious Pastor, please consider allowing this ministry to assist you in evangelizing your city.
Place your hands on yourself and say….I command success, prosperity, health, wealth, vision, direction, ingenuity, creativity, spirituality, holiness, righteousness, peace and resourcefulness to be manifested in my life on today. I cancel anything or anyone assigned to undermine, frustrate, hinder or hurt me. I decree and declare it to be moved out of my sphere of influence.

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